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CrossFitter of the Month – October 2015

Hey Folks!

This month we couldn’t decide on one person (again) and got stuck choosing two.  They’ve been a big part of the community in our awesome little gym, and have been putting in hard work and the results of their efforts show in their performances.  They’re awesome role models, both for their own children and for the other folks in the gym, giving us a good example of finding balance between work, parenting, and also having the time for yourself that you need to maintain your health and happiness.  This month we recognize…

CF team


Marc & Julie!

Here are there questions to our questions:

Name: Marc and Julie L.

Age: 33

What was your exercise experience prior to crossfit?

Marc: Growing up I played basketball from morning till night. Then I went to University put on the Freshman 30lbs and had a pretty sedentary lifestyle for a few years. I later developed a mountain biking obsession joined the Walden Mountain Bike club, helped build some of the best trails in Ontario and started racing my bike every weekend at different levels and races from 2 hours long to 3 days. I’ve done several sprint and Olympic distance triathlons and ½ marathons. I was an aerobic endurance athlete and did absolutely no weight/ strength training.

Julie: I figure skated and did gymnastics my whole childhood. In high school I was a competitive gymnast and spent several years coaching. Life got busy and fitness took a back seat. I tried getting into running, mountain biking and triathlons with Marc but it just wasn’t my thing.


How long have you been doing crossfit and why do you choose to crossfit?

Marc: I did a few months at the beginning of 2014 to gain strength for the upcoming mtb season. I came back Jan 2015 for the same reason but never left. Crossfit is very manageable with our busy schedule compare to 3 hour mtb / running training.

Julie: It took Marc a few months of convincing me to join and I finally started in March 2015. I can’t imagine not having Crossfit as part of my weekly routine.

What is your favorite part about crossfit?

Marc: The workouts are fast and fun. I still get the feeling comparable to a bike race. The community is great. I have always been private and not very social but I really enjoy my new fitness friends. I get really excited when I see either of the 3 Lancers in the parking lot.

Julie: The People. Enough said….

What are the accomplishments you are proud of? (Crossfit or non crossfit related)

Marc : I have a sense of accomplishment every time I leave the gym. Getting my first muscle up was a proud moment.   But my proudest moment so far was joining the 300+ back squat club because I put in the time, listened to the coaches and followed a great program. Thanks James, gaining 10lbs is almost worth it. I am proud of every member of my family especially Julie who finally beat me on a WOD today.


Julie: I am proud every day I leave the gym. I never thought I could push myself in the way Crossfit does. I can squat my body weight, almost lift my body weight over head and am getting close to my first muscle-up. I am also proud to be a strong role model for my daughter who is crushing “Crossfit Kids” and growing strong.

Favorite workout or lift?

Marc: I’m not a heavy lifter but enjoy squat cleans. Favourite workout by far is Lisa’s deck of cards. I repeat it often and recently did it in sub 45 min. I enjoy the longer WOD’s that make you dig deep.

Julie: Overhead squats. NOT. Clean and Jerk. I like anything 10 to 1.

Anything else you would like to share please feel free    

We want to thank the Crossfit Sudbury team. You guys are really doing something special and our City really needs it. Second most obese City in Canada, so proud. We can’t wait to see how this thing grows.   Adam and Kristin dream big, build it and they will come.


Thanks Guys!  You’re always a pleasure to coach in the gym and fun to hang out with outside it too!  Keep up the great work.