CrossFit Sudbury – Squat Therapy Day 24 – 06112015

Hey Folks!

Friday all up in your grill!  Only one more week of the Squat program!  Get your rest in and mobility work in – you guys are maxing out your back squats on Monday!  Yesssssss!


Hinge Warm Up
2 Rounds not for time:
10 dislocates + weight,
10 toe touches + 5 inch worm push ups,
10 KB swings + 5 Goblet squats,
10 pull aparts


Health – Power Clean 5×3
Power Clean
5 sets of 3 reps

*Add 5 pounds each session.

Health – Chin Ups – 3 Sets Of Max Reps
3 sets of max reps – Chin ups (hands facing towards you)

Rest as needed between sets.


Squat hold. Sink in. Get active. Drive your knees out with your elbows, drive your chest up and hips forward. Play with your ankle dorsiflexion.

15 Minutes to accumulate 10 Minutes in the bottom of a squat. Break it up as needed.


3 Rounds for time:
50 Kettlebell Swings (50/35)
Airdyne (30/20 Calories)


Hinge-Centric Cool Down
Foam Roll – Hamstrings, Calves, T-Spine, Glutes
Stretch – Hamstrings, Calves, Pecs, Forearms
See you in the gym!
The CrossFit Sudbury Team