CrossFit Sudbury – Squat Program Day 1 – 05102015

Hey Folks!

So today is the first day of our next cycle!  Exciting times!  The first week is a bit of a build up, so if you’re feeling at all like it isn’t all that hard, it’s meant to be that way so that you’re chomping at the bit for the weeks to come.

Thanks to Lisa, Eric, Kristen, Alicia and Mike for heading out to North Bay to cheer on their fellow athletes – I’m super impressed with Tori, Chris, James and Bud and am fired up to train hard in the coming weeks.  James stayed focused and excited about his lifts and it showed on the platform, making 100kg and 107kg look like warm up weights for the Snatch and just barely missing 135kg on the Clean and Jerk.  Bud rallied back hard after missing his Snatches to set the Clean and Jerk record for the day (regardless of weight class!) AND a personal record for both competition and training.  While bombing out the snatch is never ideal I don’t think we need to worry too much – Bud will be back on the platform and hitting unbelievable numbers in the very near future 🙂  Amazing work guys! (and girl!)

If you guys want to re-test any running WODs before the spring, I’d say the coming weeks are the time to do it.  Helen and maybe Nancy come to mind.  Oh, and the Ball Run 😉 or a simple Mile.


Back Squat Warm Up
10 spiderman lunges
10 toes touches
10 goblet squats w/ 3 second pause in the bottom*
10 pull aparts

*pause in bottom, heels down, elbows push knees out, squeeze your chest up tall.


Health – Back Squats 3×5
Back Squats
*same weight for 3 sets. Add 5 pounds to last sessions squats**
**Keep track of your squats. Once you fail you’ll reduce the weight 15 pounds and continue again.

Health – Press – 3×5
Press 3×5
*Same weight for all sets – add 2.5 pounds (total) each session**
**Keep track – once you fail, go back 7.5 pounds


5 X 3 : 71%

E2MOM-10 – 3 Back Squats at 71%


On an alternating tabata timer:
Slam Balls (20/10)
Push Ups
(i.e. 20 seconds of slam balls, 10 seconds rest, 20 seconds of push ups, 10 seconds rest, 20 seconds of slam balls, 10 seconds rest…)
16 total intervals (8 minutes total workout)
o Score is total reps


Handstand/Squat Hold Cool Down
Alternating positions a few times each Not for time:
– handstand hold with fingertips as close to the wall as possible
– Squat hold (sit, comfortably into the bottom of a squat)
– Foam roller on T-spine
See you in the gym!
The CrossFit Sudbury Team