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CrossFitter of the Month – April 2015

Hey Folks!

This month we’re featuring someone who has been a fixture of our gym and community for a good while now – The coaches were surprised we hadn’t already (officially) shown our appreciation!  The way this person holds themself in the gym is a great example of the saying, “the whole is greater than the sum of its’ parts”.  This person helps out, crushes WODs, inspires and also takes extra time for recovery when necessary.  They’re a great role model and we’re very proud to have them as a member.  Aprils CrossFitter of the Month is…

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Andre!  Here are his answers to our questions!

Name: Andre Dumais

Age: 75 (now my scores don’t seem so bad, do they)

Occupation: Business Development Manager

What was your exercise experience prior to crossfit?

I guess that depends on how you define exercise. I have always abhorred any form of “exercise”, elliptical machines, treadmills, running outside, gyms…..I’ve owned/tried them all and hated every second of it. All of my exercise has been disguised as sports. I have to mask the exercise with the fun. I have played just about every sport, but the ones that I have reached a reasonable level of competence are baseball, curling, mountain biking and squash. You will note that half of the sports I play are very tightly connected to drinking beer. Maybe that’s been part of the problem!

How long have you been doing crossfit and why do you choose to crossfit?

I have been hooked on CrossFit for nearly 3 years. I can actually say that I started out in the garage on Regent Street and I haven’t looked back! I started bringing it to the office a few years ago. Now we have Push-up Wednesdays…..10 push ups every hour on the hour. Tons of fun!


What is your favorite part about crossfit?

I actually have 3 favourite parts about CrossFit and they are really hard to separate, although it could be argued that they are exclusive:

Firstly, I love that someone programs the workout for me. Although, I wish he/she would stop programming runs (See note above, about hating running). I love checking out the WOD before I head to the gym in the morning. (Note: Stopped checking before bed, somehow my alarm would get turned off whenever there was a run in the WOD!)

Secondly, I love that the workout is disguised as fun. The workouts are varied enough to avoid boredom yet challenging enough to consider a lung transplant. The pseudo-competitive element makes it a great challenge. Although, I don’t look to have the best score on the board, I certainly enjoy setting, and occasionally beating my target.

Finally, and nowhere near less important is the sense of community. CrossFit is my “me” time, and I love sharing it with my CrossFit friends. This a group of people from all walks of life that I seldom see outside of the gym. And they are all great. I love that there are no egos and that people of all levels of fitness cheer one another along. I also love that if I am not there for a day or two (normally due to travel from work, not laziness) someone will text me to check in. That’s awesome. Nobody from Globo Gym ever checked in on me!

What are the accomplishments you are proud of? (Crossfit or non crossfit related)

This question is rigged! If don’t say that I am most proud of my family (I have 3 awesome kids and a beautiful wife – actually out my league good lookin’) then I look like a jerk! But outside of my family, I am proud that I have turned CrossFit into a good habit. In a world full of bad habits, it’s nice to know that I am doing something right. Curse you Dairy Queen, curse you!


Favorite workout or lift?

Funny how formulating a list of movements that I like is so much harder than the list of things I whine about (running, burpees, double unders, running…..) but there are a few that I really like. I set a goal of dead-lifting double my body weight and I’m inching ever closer. Truth be told, I thought I could cheat and lose a few pounds, every pound lost is two pounds I don’t have to lift….but the joke is on me, I have to do it the old fashion way!

As for movements, I am a little fond of toes-to-bar. Maybe because they seem so challenging for most people, but I can do them reasonably well. Not something you’d expect from a beer belly, but somehow, I pull it off!

Anything else you would like to share please feel free

I know that I do a lot of complaining about stuff like burpees, running, rap music (do they still call it rap? Or is it hip-hop now? Regardless, it’s annoying, At least Adam plays some 80’s rock once in a while). But the truth of the matter is that I like to play the curmudgeonly old guy to get some attention. I love going to the gym and I hope to continue going til I really am 75! The 6:00AM crew is awesome. And kudos to the great coaches who sacrifice their beauty sleep to work with us.


Thanks Andre – We’re lucky to have you and the awesome energy you bring to the gym!