CrossFit Sudbury – Training – 23032015

Hey Folks!

We are BACK!  HUGE thank you to our amazing coaches for taking care of the place while we were away – and a huge thank you to you guys for (most definitely) continuing to be the amazing members you are!

Kristin is doing her Performance Enhancement for the morning crew tomorrow at 5:30am!  Get in there and get supple… you’ll feel great during todays training 🙂

We’re into the last week of the open – Today is the last day for 15.4 – I’m hoping to do it sometime around lunch.  Then we have one more awesome workout to complete.  Come by the gym on Thursday to watch the unveiling – We’ll have a beverage and watch what Dave Castro has up his sleeve (I’m thinking something ridiculous… like a 5 part WOD, or a crazy long chipper).

Warm up

Snatch Warm up
10 Dislocates + 10 weighted dislocates
10 Overhead squats
1-2 Minute Squat therapy
10 Tuck Jumps


Health – Back Squats (2×10), KB Swings (2×10)
Warm up to and then perform 2 working sets of 10 reps of the Back Squat. This will be lighter than you’ve been doing for your 2×5’s (I hope or you’ve been going too light haha).

KB Swings, 2 sets of 10 swings. Try to go a little heavier than you normally would. Swing to roughly eye level – not overhead.


Settle Down there Snatch
Every Minute for 10 Minutes perform:
1 Snatch from the ground*
*When you catch the bar in the bottom – hang out for 1-2 seconds before standing it up.
**This is ALL about getting comfortable in the bottom
~70% should be appropriate. Add more if you feel like Hercules (or Athena?), less if you feel like the little centaur dude that played the flute


Single arm FSq/SU/DU 5RFT
5 Rounds for time:
5 Right arm Front Squats (KB or DB, as heavy as you can perform well)
15 Sit ups
5 Left arm Front Squats
25 Double unders (75 Singles)

Cool Down

Calf and Shoulder Cool down
Stretch – Calves, Hamstrings, Squat hold, Shoulders
Foam Roll/Stick – Calves, Quads
LaX Ball – Pecs
See you in the gym!
The CrossFit Sudbury Team