Friday, December 19th, 2014

Hey Folks!

It’s friday!  Yesssssss.  Keep it up you guys are my heroes!  I’d write more but we’re on a tight schedule tonight.  Make sure over the next week before Christmas you give out lots of Hugs.  Everyone (almost everyone) loves a good quality hug.


Back Squat Warm up
10 spiderman lunges
10 toes touches
10 goblet squats w/ 3 second pause in the bottom*
10 pull aparts

*pause in bottom, heels down, elbows push knees out, squeeze your chest up tall.


Health – Press & Pull ups
Press 2×5

Pull ups 6×1*

*6 sets of 1, use as little bands as possible and perform them as strict as possible. Keep rest the same – the EMOM timer works well for it.


Back Squat/HSPU EMOM
Every Minute on the Minute for 10 Minutes:
ODD – 5 Back Squats @70%
EVEN – 5 Handstand Push ups


EMOM as a WOD?!? How dare you!!!
Every Minute for 12 Minutes perform:
ODD Minutes:
3 Pullups
6 Pushups
9 Squats
+AMRAP Burpees (with remaining time in minute)

EVEN Minutes:

Score is total #of Burpees


Squat GPP cool down
Foam Roll – Calves, Quads, Adductors, T-Spine
Stretch – Pecs, calves, Quads