Monday, December 15th, 2014

Hey Folks!

The weekend is over!  Normally I wouldn’t be excited about that but now I don’t have exams anymore and I can just work two jobs and plan Xmas shopping, etc. etc.  And also devote more quality time to picking things up and putting them down!  Yessss

The last couple weeks before Christmas are going to be crucial!  Keep up the great work and schedule the time to come in.  You’ll be thanking past you when you get to December 31st and your resolution is to “continue being awesome”!

I’ll post up some official plans for holidays hours this week and we’ll get that all sorted out!


Snatch Warm up
10 Dislocates + 10 weighted dislocates
10 Overhead squats
1-2 Minute Squat therapy
10 Tuck Jumps


Health – Back Squats (2×10), KB Swings (2×10)
Warm up to and then perform 2 working sets of 10 reps of the Back Squat. This will be lighter than you’ve been doing for your 2×5’s (I hope or you’ve been going too light haha).

KB Swings, 2 sets of 10 swings. Try to go a little heavier than you normally would. Swing to roughly eye level – not overhead.

Sides on sides
Hold a side plank, perfectly, on your elbow OR hand for 20 seconds per side until you’ve accumulated 2 minutes per side.


Halting Snatch E2MOM-10
Every 2 Minutes for 10 Minutes perform:
2 Halting Squat Snatches*

*Stop just barely above the knee for a 1 count, then explode into your lift. Use a weight you can achieve great form with. Likely 60-70%.

Snatch Balance E2MOM-10
Every 2 Minutes for 10 Minutes perform:
2 Snatch Balance*

*Play around with slowly removing the heave to start the lift. Eventually you should be just dropping under the bar into the squat with no upward movement of the bar (until you stand it up)


Tabata KBswing/Burpee.
Tabata Russian KB Swings (70/50) and Burpees – Mash up style (i.e. alternating)

Score is total reps. 8 total minutes.


Hinge-centric Cool Down
Foam Roll – Hamstrings, Calves, T-Spine, Glutes
Stretch – Hamstrings, Calves, Pecs, Forearms
See you in the gym!
The CrossFit Sudbury Team