Thursday, December 4th, 2014

Hey Folks!

Great work on todays WOD – it was sneaky!  The burpees tired our your hip flexors for the toes to bar.  Abs are going to love that tomorrow though!

This Saturday!  Come hang out, do an awesome WOD, enjoy some hot chocolate and maybe if we’re lucky people will bring goodies in too!  We’re open 9am-12noon!

Infant Food Bank!  Let’s fill up that playpen 🙂 Thanks to those who brought some stuff in already – our gym has the best people ever!


Overhead Warm up
2 Rounds:
10 dislocates + 10 weighted
10 ring rows + 10 push up plus
10 spiderman lunges
10 tuck jumps


Health – Front Squat & Deadlift – 2×5
Front Squat 2×5

Deadlift 2×5

*Try to add weight to last weeks lifts, unless you felt weak, then stay the same 🙂


Jerk E2MOM
Every 2 Minutes for 10 Minutes perform the following:
2 Split jerks – Make them heavy, but not so heavy that you die trying to lower it back down to your front rack.

Press E2MOM
Every 2 Minutes for 10 Minutes:
5 Presses @70%


For time complete the following:
1000m Row
50 Thrusters (45/33) ***
30 Pull ups

***Dropped empty barbells will incur and immediate 100 burpee penalty. Say no to dropped barbells!


Mobility – for real
Foam Roll – T-spine, IT bands
Stretch – Shoulders (band on elbow), Pecs, Quads (standing heel to butt stretch)
See you in the gym!
The CrossFit Sudbury Team