Battle Beyond the Barbell 2014 – Results & Thank You!

Hey Folks!

Congratulations to Everyone who competed this weekend – It was SUPER fun to watch and judge everyone while you gave your all!  So here are some of the highlights:

  • Numerous Powerclean PR’s
  • Record number of people visited/spectated/competed
  • More generous sponsors than last year (they were very generous AND there were more of them!)
  • An even greater donation to an amazing cause! (See below for the final amount raised!)

Congratulations to Everyone that competed!  Here are our Podium finishers:

  1. The Islanders – Jon & Tina Balfe, Amy Mavec, Kyle McDermott
  2. The Pirates – Renee Jacques, Candice Smith, Neal Ross, Nick Fortino
  3. Clang N’ Bang – Brooke Debacker, Chanelle Lavictoire, Dan Sulatycky, Dominic Desrochers


Big thank you to all the athletes and gyms that made it out – Benchmark Strength & Conditioning (Ottawa), Catalyst CrossFit (Sault Ste. Marie), CrossFit Genetic Potential (Manitoulin Island), CrossFit Timmins (Timmons, clearly… haha), Elite training (Espanola), Tidal CrossFit/DownTown Muscles (Toronto) – and to our own members for giving their all and Crushing Extreme!  You guys made it an amazing event and it’s always cool to see the cohesion that people have through CrossFit, despite being from different gyms!

A HUGE thank you goes out to all our sponsors – Again Faster, Flyczek Strength Wraps, Life As Rx, WODGear Clothing, Steven Doni & Family Group, Marc Larochelle, Sam Briggs!, Chris Spealler & CrossFit Park City, Metro on Lasalle, Pillers, Skaters Edge, Mauro Zuliani REMAX, MagnetSigns, Royal Productions, Richard Lemieux Photography!

Another thank you to our Volunteers, who are too numerous to mention individually!  ALSO – a BIG thank you to Coach Lisa for doing such an amazing job organizing this event – Everything looks so smooth and easy during that day of competition, but it ultimately reflects weeks of planning that was mostly done by Lisa.  Thanks Lis!

Finally, the total amount that was raised due to the work and contributions from all of the above, is exactly the amount we were shooting for as a silent goal.  It’s twice as much as last year as well – and this year we raised $4000.00!

Amazing work everyone!  Thank you for all of your hard work!

Final total results:

Team Name:Total Points
The Islanders4
The Pirates10
Clang N’ Bang11
The Vulcan Hook Grips16
Frantastic Four18
Catalyst Green Army19
The Jerking Jofas20
Beauty Sensationals22
Catalyst 2.026
The Bar-Rat-Skis33
4 Poods37
Elite Espo37
Rise & Shiners + 2 Guys43
The Replacements45
Balls & Dolls46

The CrossFit Sudbury Team

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