CrossFitter of the Month – November 2013

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This Month we recognize someone whose consistency and determination has changed their lifestyle and day to day life in a very drastic way.  This person has pencilled CrossFit and eating well into their life, and their dedication and patience is paying off week after week.

An inspiration to us all through her hard work (in and out of the gym) is has made one of our coaches especially proud, this month’s CrossFitter of the Month is…

2013 summer 204


Here are Lise’s answers to our questions!

Name:  Lise Pichette

Age:  55

Occupation: Retired from the public service

What was your exercise experience prior to crossfit?

I’ve been walking with a group of friends for the last couple of years.  I’ve tried some other activities for short duration; kickboxing, curling, Zumba.

2013 summer 220

How long have you been doing crossfit and why do you choose to crossfit.

My son Eric coaxed me into trying out crossfit when I retired in February 2013.  I always used the excuse of lack of time/energy but crossfit has now become part of my routine three days per week.  I’m amazed with the transformation achieved ….. not only with weight loss but with strength and conditioning.  I feel amazing.


What is your favorite part about crossfit?

I enjoy the support of coaches and members encouraging you through a weightlifting move and the daily WOD.  I check out the website each morning to check out what Adam has planned for us.

What are the accomplishments you are proud of? (Crossfit or non crossfit related)

I’m very proud of my family. My husband Rick of nearly 35 years who encourages me and brags about my crossfit accomplishments.  My sons, Eric and Luc who kept me very busy with their sporting activities in their younger days.  They’ve grown up to make me a proud Mom. To Kristen and Tasha who have joined our family unit to make it more complete.

I’m proud that I’ve been able to manage most weight lifting and daily WODs.  If there’s a move that I’m not able to master yet, the coaches adjust it so that I get a great workout.  If you told me  a few months ago that I’d be doing 50 squats or push ups in a workout I’d have said that was crazy.

Eric also introduced me to paleo and I continue to explore and implement this into our daily life.

Favorite workout or lift

I enjoy the dead lift,  kettle bell exercises.  Any WOD that includes some running, sit ups, squats are my favourite.


Anything  else you would like to share please feel free 

I want to thank my son/coach Eric for introducing me to crossfit.  Thanks to Lisa and Adam who are always available to coach me during my noon class. To all the other coaches and members who encourage me through the WOD and are there to give me a high five once it’s done.  I encourage anyone to try crossfit at any age.  I’ve never felt better and look forward to many years of healthy crossfit ahead.


Thanks for Your commitment and smiling face Lise!  You’re a great role model for Everyone at the gym and we love seeing you crush PR’s!

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