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CrossFitter of the Month – March 2013

Hey Folks!

This month we recognize someone regularly seen in the “after work” crowd.  This person is constantly one of the first to introduce himself and go out of his way to make those new to the gym, or new to him a new friend.  His calm demeanour and positive attitude going into every lift and every work out make him an invaluable asset in our CrossFit Sudbury family.  An extra special thanks goes out to this member for taking additional time out of his schedule to spend in the gym enhancing and immortalizing our efforts through his amazing photography.  If that hadn’t given it away, this months CrossFitter of the Month is Rick!


Here are the answers Rick provided to some of our questions!

Name: Richard Lemieux

Age: 33

Occupation: Mental Health Court Outreach Worker for the Canadian Mental Health Association

What was your exercise experience prior to CrossFit? 

I have been going to the gym on and off since the age of 17. In addition to the gym, I have experience in competitive swimming, cycling, football, baseball and running.

How long have you been doing CrossFit and why do you choose to CrossFit?

I believe I’ve been doing CrossFit for well over 8 months. I accidently came across CrossFit. I was browsing through YouTube for the next big thing in fitness; success stories from people who completed the P90X workout. Suddenly, I clicked on a video that showed the CrossFit games. This changed my life completely. I saw the athletes pushing themselves to fitness levels I never knew were possible. When I saw how CrossFit was capable of touching all aspects of fitness and giving you an opportunity to look very fit, I was sold. I said to myself “I want to do that”.

Why I choose CrossFit is because I love the workouts, my strength and stamina have gone to levels that I would have never thought I could attain. CrossFit brings you back to the basics of a functional human being. It challenges you mentally and physically. However, what sold me the most about CrossFit was the community. In my experience I have yet to see any other gym that makes you feel welcomed and be part of the community no matter what level of fitness you are.

What is your favorite part about CrossFit?

My favourite part of CrossFit is the burpees! … Not! I love how CrossFit focuses on making you an all around strong, functional human being. I love the strength, gymnastic, endurance, and mobility aspect of CrossFit. Subsequently, my favourite part is the community and you feel like you belong.

What are the accomplishments you are proud of? (Crossfit or non-crossfit related)

One of my accomplishments that I am proud of is graduating from university with honours. In CrossFit, I’m pretty proud that I complete all WODs. As well doing a 325 lbs. squat. Pretty much accomplishing any heavy lifts.

Favourite workout or lift?

It’s a toss up between the clean and the squat.

Anything else you would like to share please feel free 🙂 

I am always looking for opportunities to grow as an individual. To be challenged mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I believe as a person goes through challenges, wisdom is developed.  Trying to find the easy way out only complicates your situation and makes it that much harder for a person to really grow.

Without sounding too cliché, I believe that CrossFit can teach a person a lot about themselves and their attitude. As a human being, what will push you to create yourself and recreate yourself throughout your life? I believe CrossFit can help you with that process.


Thanks Rick – for answering our questions and bringing so much more than your presence to the gym!