CrossFitter of the Month – February 2013

February’s CrossFitter of the month is someone whose hardwork and dedication has been an inspiration since the doors opened at CrossFit Sudbury. Her home cooked meals and margaritas have made our gym feel like a second home.  You can find her in the gym practicing her pull-ups, cheering on other athletes and always giving 110%. This month we recognize none other than our CrossFit Sudbury “Mom” — Sabrina Cimino.


Here are her answers to some questions we had to ask:

Crossfitter of the Month

Name: Sabrina Cimino

Age: 41

Occupation: Commercial Administrator – Brokerlink


What was your exercise experience prior to CrossFit? My exercise experience prior to CrossFit was Non-existent. I was never athletic and never had an interest in sports. It was not until my children were a little older and more independent that I decided to incorporate fitness into my life and began jogging 2km/day at age 38. Last May I ran my first 10km race for Diabetes and plan on doing it again this year.

How long have you been doing CrossFit and why do you choose to CrossFit? I have been doing CrossFit since November 15, 2011. I really enjoy CrossFit because every day brings on a new challenge and Crossfit has ignited motivation within me, to continue raising the bar for my own personal growth.

What is your favourite part about CrossFit? My favourite part about CrossFit is the warm and welcoming community that has been established….(you are all awesome!!!). The positive energy, continual encouragement and high fives after each WOD helps me strive to achieve more.

What are the accomplishments you are proud of? (CrossFit or non CrossFit related) Personally- My biggest accomplishment and most worldly possession are my 2 children and supportive husband.

By just stepping foot into the box and tackling each WOD to the best of my abilities is a huge accomplishment for me. However, my most memorable moment was the day I did my first pull up “sans band” in December 2012…….It was such an amazing feeling .

Favourite workout or lift? My favourite lift is the Deadlift

My family always comes first but it has been so nice to put myself “on the list.” Since I have incorporated CrossFit into my life, it allows me to break- away from my crazy overscheduled life (which I choose to live) to squeeze in some playtime!!!

Another benefit – if you have a “backpack full of rocks” (whatever stress you may be carrying) a quick WOD seems to lighten the load significantly.

Thank you Adam Ball and all CrossFit Sudbury Coaches…you guys and gals are amazing mentors and you each bring something so special to help make me/us better!!!

Margaritas – anyone?

Sabrina and Brit

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  1. John Cimino says:

    We are so happy you found an interest and so happy you are having so much fun achieving your goals. We are proud of you. John – Anthony and Adriana Cimino

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