Friday, July 2nd, 2012

Hey Folks!

Great work everyone on todays WOD!  Killer boots man!  You guys are going to have some sore abs, but I’m not sorry.  It’s only a matter of time before we all have Gorilla abs like Mikie!

Caz, I lied to you… The tabata WOD is going to be on Tuesday (although you can do it tomorrow if you like).

ALSO – NEWS – We’re closed on Sunday – AND Monday is going to be weekend hours, so only 10-12.  Drew will be running the gym this weekend.  Don’t forget to give him lots of hugs (I love being the one that writes this stuff).

Warm Up

For time:
30 Clean and Jerks*
*stop at every minute to perform 5 burpees

If time permits:
Row/Run a leisurely 2K/Mile

Stretch – Glutes & Pecs

See you in the gym!
Adam & Drew