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“It has begun!”

This might reveal how big a geek I am, but I might be ok if instead of 3, 2, 1, go at the beginning of WODs Shang-tsung from Mortal Kombat started them off with his awesome, “it has begun!”……… something like that.

Anyway… CrossFit Suds first OnRamp started yesterday and went amazingly!  So stoked to have all you athletes come out and flex some serious skills.  From Drew crushing the workout in just over 2 minutes to some folks who were, “very out oh shape” busting out legit push-ups and textbook perfect squats!  I’m impressed and very excited about what lays ahead for everyone!

I’m working on an online scheduling program for November when we have the gym so that folks will be able to sign up online and all the emails and phone calls back and forth will be less confusing.  I will keep y’all updated in regards to how that’s working.  Slated to be “live” towards the end of next week… probably over the weekend.

November will start out our regular “CrossFit” classes, as well as OnRamp classes.  Depending on demand there will probably be a couple hours in the AM, lunch and PM for class and onramp times.  Once we get settled in I’ve got some BIG plans for this gym.  Trust me… it’s going to be the best place in Sudbury to make yourself better.

Looking forward to it folks!

p.s. Last I heard tomorrow is supposed to be sun and cloud – if it’s bearable, we’ll be outside!  If not, we’ll head over to my house to hit the wods.  Cheers folks!