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CrossFit Where???

Hey Folks!

So we are in the process of renovating and doing a small build-out on the location where the gym is going to be. Once it’s fit for working out in, I will be posting the schedule that people can use to come in and try out a WOD (Workout of the Day).

For those of you that already know what CrossFit is, it’s about time we got one in Sudbury, right?

For those of you that don’t know what Crossfit is… I like to explain it as everything that works, and none of what doesn’t. And since we aren’t wasting our time doing the pointless stuff, and if you’re willing to put your best effort forward, with no worries about how you “measure up” to anyone else but yourself, then CrossFit is the absolute best return on investment of time spent in the gym.

I assure you, everyone is capable of doing CrossFit, from grandmothers to olympic athletes. A great workout is delivered to both people, sometimes at the same time!

Post any questions you may have to comments and I will try my best to get to them!

All the best!