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Monday, December 5, 2011

Hey Guys!

The posts while I’m gone are going to be a little less wordy… they’ll have what’s happening, but not a whole lot else haha. Sorry, but I’m just trying to stay away from the computer as much as I can while I’m gone.

Also… This weekend and my experiences with many of you folks has got me thinking…

  1. Would anyone be interested in a CrossFit+Chiro+Nutrition+Supplements (the ones I believe are necessary for everyone, everday) program/membership? It would work out considerably cheaper than all of the things separately, that’s a for sure.
  2. For those without insurance, or who are interested in additional insurance, I believe there are companies that you can buy insurance and pay into it so that you can utilize things like Chiropractic without the same financial investment… I’m not very savvy on this front though… Will definitely be asking some friends who know more about it (or if one of you guys know about this stuff, let me know!)
  3. Some folks have inquired about an invoice (for insurance purposes) – I’m working on it! Just sorting out Quickbooks and stuff. If its’ time sensitive let me know and I’m sure I can draw something up in a more quick fashion.

Next up on the docket, Drews’ hours:

  • Monday – only evening classes are available
  • Tuesday – All day
  • Wednesday – All day
  • Thursday – Evening only
  • Friday – Evening only

I’ve been thinking about it… and my taking off for over a week, and probably being gone for random days due to Christmas and New Years, I’m going to work out a pro-rated membership fee for December. Then when January comes, we’ll be all squared away and ready to move forwards with all sorts of fun stuff and normal fees. I’m loving having you all out and I want to continue to build the CrossFit Sudbury fam, so tell your friends, bring your family, it’s all good!

I think that pretty much covers everything for now. Let me know personally, via email, phone, facebook, comments on here, wherever – what you’re thinking and what your thoughts are on everything, etc. etc. etc.

I’m going to go mentally prepare for some Norcal Margaritas and the best way to tan while also not being a lazy beach bum.



  • 5-5-5-3-3-3


  • 6 Rounds for time:
    • 5 deadlifts
    • 10 ring rows
    • 15 situps

Cool down:

  • Stretch – Pecs & Hammies