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CrossFitter of the Month – February 2016

Hey Friends!

It’s that time!  We’re going to showcase another of our awesome members.  This particular person was one of the first people I met in Sudbury, and one of the first people to ever train with me.  He’s been a mainstay at the 6am class and manages to make it in 3-5 days a week while also helping to raise 2 small kids.  This person has worked through set backs and even crushed the recent Whole Life Challenge.  For February, we get to recognize a good friend and great guy in general…



Here are his answers to our questions!

Name: Andrew Ilves

Age: 34

Occupation: Sr. Project Engineer at Vale

What was your exercise experience prior to crossfit?

Growing up, and to this day, I have always been the type of person that is always on the move. I have been involved in many different sports my entire life: AAA hockey, competitive soccer, squash, tennis, basketball…pretty much every sport I could get my hands on while growing up, through university and into ‘real life’.

After moving back to Sudbury in 2008, I was looking for a new challenge so I ended up joining a competitive dragon boat team (Team Chiro). This is a team that had just placed 2nd in the World Club Crew championships right before I joined, so I knew I had my work cut out for me. I also met some great people including Beau (who I knew from our hockey days), Amy, Marty and Crystal.

My days at ‘Globo Gym’ started somewhere at the beginning of high school as I was trying to add some strength for my budding hockey career (which obviously fell a little short of the NHL). Since then I went from one gym to the next, doing pretty much the same thing for half of my life. I even found myself as a spin instructor at Goodlife for a little while. During all that time, it was hard to keep motivated and committed since, like most of you would agree I’m sure, it is just boring!

How long have you been doing crossfit and why do you choose to crossfit?

I have been doing crossfit now for more than two years. I initially started crossfit because I was looking for that next challenge and for something to keep me motivated.   I actually went out for a few of the old school Queen’s Athletic Field WODs before the first gym opened.   It also didn’t hurt that I happen to know the two awesome people who opened CFS, so I was reminded about the gym every time I saw Kristin and Adam.

Once Beau joined the gym though, I knew I couldn’t procrastinate any longer and took the plunge (I knew he wouldn’t stop bugging me until I joined anyway). I think that Crossfit is perfect for my personality as I like seeing how far I can push myself, and then push a little further. It is the challenge I have been looking for!


What is your favorite part about crossfit?

As most people who have answered these questions ahead of me have already said, the community and family feel to the gym is the best part!   I always have that motivation to get my ass out of bed at 5am because I know that the rest of the 6am crew is doing the same. We have a great group in the morning who are not only extremely hard working and dedicated, but they’re also a lot of fun and just fantastic people!

I’m also a big fan of the coaching atmosphere in Crossift. Growing up in competitive sports, I’m used to having a coach provide guidance, pointing out the things I’m doing right/wrong, and pushing me when I want to stop. We have great coaches at CFS, who also happen to have the patience required to put up with our 6am shenanigans, and they really make the gym what it is.

What are the accomplishments you are proud of? (Crossfit or non crossfit related)

Like any father, I’m most proud of my growing family! I have an amazing wife (Krista – who I keep bugging to come out and join the gym because I know she would love it), and two incredible children – Brooke (3) and Jaaks (1). Everything I do is for them, and that includes keeping as fit and healthy as possible. I’m in the best shape of my life, and seem to keep getting fitter as I age (I guess another thing I’m proud of), and I owe a huge part of that to CFS.

I’m also proud of myself for working through the shoulder injury that plagued me for most of 2015. It wasn’t easy staying motivated and focused knowing that I couldn’t do anything overhead, anything that involved pushing…I pretty much felt like I couldn’t do anything! If there is ever a WOD consisting of deadlifts, ring rows and mountain climbers, I would be all over that one! haha DSC_2956

Favorite workout or lift?

My favorite lifts would have to be cleans and deadlifts. The only good thing about my shoulder injury is that both of these lifts improved quite a bit for me last year since they were the only ones I could really do! As for workouts, I enjoy the ‘Girl’ and ‘Hero’ WODs as they are typically very tough mentally, which forces me to push myself out of my comfort zone.

Anything else you would like to share please feel free

Thanks to Kristin and Adam for opening the gym and giving all of us like-minded people a place to get together and punish ourselves! Thanks to all of the coaches, you bring a wealth of knowledge and keep us motivated (and of course, put up with us first thing in the morning). A big shout out to the 6am crew, you guys kick ass and keep me pushing to improve! And finally, thanks to everyone at CFS. I haven’t met everyone yet since I’m a morning, or occasional noon, person, but it’s easy to see from the events, get-togethers, pictures, etc. that we have an awesome community that I know will keep growing.


Thanks for being an awesome part of the community Andrew!  We’re lucky to have you!