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CF24 – Aftermath and Results!

Hey Folks!

So you’ve likely seen a fair amount of pics and videos on social media after our past weekend – but I figured I’d put up a little synopsis and update as to everything that went down on the weekend!

We raised over $4000 for Special Olympics Canada!  This put us roughly in 10th “place” on the fundraising leaderboard!  That’s pretty awesome for an event that we didn’t know how it would go or how much traction we could gain in the short period of time we raised funds for!  We ended up with 5 teams ranging from 3 to 6 people per team that completed 24 workouts in 24 hours (the first 10 minutes of each hour) all in support of Special Olympics Ontario.  We got to meet a pretty awesome and energetic Special Olympics Athlete and started our day off strong with some running, lunges and push ups.



Our events ranged from 1 rep max olympic lifts, to max effort rowing.  The lack of sleep was probably the most difficult part – but we fell into a rhythm and I think everyone accepted how things went and had a, “let’s get ‘er done” attitude.  There were numerous PR’s (I even PR’d my Front Squat at like 3am or something!) and a heck of a lot of high fives.  Amazing work everyone!



BIG thanks to Starbucks for providing coffee, Boston Pizza for providing pizzas, Vespa Street Kitchen for some pizza, gnocchi, poutine and salad, and to our amazing members for bringing in or dropping off food (special thanks to Taryn & Mikie, Ty & Todd, and Val for dropping by, bringing food/drinks and generally being awesome!)


Hope everyone is healing up nice and getting caught up on sleep!  Thanks for once again proving that we have the greatest people and place ever!