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CrossFit Open Intramurals Results!

Hey Folks!

Awesome work this year in the Open!  It was pretty fun and was nice to see people crushing the workouts, but not taking them too seriously.  It worked out great as it didn’t interrupt our programming this year, which was nice (since almost everyone PR’d at least 1 lift when we tested the Power Lifting Total).

The last workout was pretty fun and everyone came together well to complete it!  Here are the results (and the prizes for each team!)

The prizes are based on loosening up all that tight tissue that we’d earned over those 5 weeks (and the weeks since).  Ask your coach about collecting your prize 🙂

3rd Place – Chalk Dirty to Me – You get your own LaX Ball – not exactly mind blowing, but super helpful to have with you at work/home when that delayed onset muscle soreness kicks in.

2nd Place – Turn down for WOD – Roll out that tight tissue with your own “stick”, like the ones we have up on the shelf with the foam rollers.  Sometimes you gotta get into those corners and don’t feel like rolling on a foam roller in weird positions.  Dig in with your own Stick!

1st Place – MotherThrusters – Why use your own energy to loosen yourself up?  If only there was a way we could just lay on a comfortable table and have someone else do all that hard work.  You guessed it, everyone on the Red team earned themselves a complimentary 60 minute Massage with Crystal.  Let Jaz, Kristin, Crystal or myself know when you’d like to book in and we’ll set up the appointment for you!


Bang Pow!  Get supple, maintain it, and then set your sights on the Battle Beyond the Barbell!  It promises to be a great time and is always an amazing event.  Can’t wait to see you all out there!  Great work over the open, today and every day we see you guys!  SO MUCH FITNESS!