CrossFit Sudbury – 13022018 – Just a light dusting

Hey Folks!

Well, that looked like a nice little open practice kind of WOD.  SO sad I missed it 😉 haha I will say though that all the thrusters we’ve been doing lately have made doing thrusters a lot easier.

We’ve got some more beauties this week – and then the Open starts next week!  If you haven’t been fooling around with chest to bar pull ups, working on toes to bar, kipping those handstand push ups, etc – you should get on it now.  Double unders too!

Get signed up for the intramurals!  It’s going to be a blast – for serious.

Coaches Notes:

High quality Open prep.  Work on setting the hips back on the push press a bit, and working on the drive through the hips & the press through the arms – timing is key.  That and being REALLY aggressive.  Grip is going to be the name of the game on the WOD.  That and saving your back.  Make sure you tighten up and don’t allow any rounding through the back.


Push Press
*Add weight each set.
Goal – Pressing strength & timing with the legs.  Not a 5RM.

Conditioning – “Just a light dusting”

Amrap 10 minutes
15 Toes to bar
30 Double Unders
10 Deadlifts (225/155)
Goal – Steady movement/strategy that will allow you to keep moving the whole 10 minutes.

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