CrossFit Sudbury – 22012018 – “That’ll do…”

Hey Folks!

The weekend is up – and it was warm, and sunny, and hopefully you guys all had a great time!  Kristin spent the weekend at the CrossFit Level 2 cert, while I was chilling with family, and holding it down at various coffee shops getting through emails, research, online courses, and life in general.  Hope you guys had a blast in the gym this weekend – I’m sad I missed out on some beauty WODs.

We’ve got some more awesome programming coming up – lots of hard work, and heavy lifting.  We’re working to get familiar with some common Open movements (which is why there is a little less variety than usual), and also working on cycling more reps, or working with some heavier loads to drive a little overcompensation and make the normal loads feel light some “in-season”.

Make sure you’re scaling up/down to make the workout what it should be for you.  There is usually a plan for the WOD – and making the movements work for you is important for fine tuning the stimulus of our training.  Ask your coach if you aren’t sure what you should be working on.

Coaches Notes:

Focus on quality and consistency/strength production on the EMOM. Focus on going HAM on the WOD. Challenge – no racking the bar for the first 45 seconds of the squat. Give yourself time to get on the rower so you have the full minute on the rower (versus squeezing in one more squat).


Alternating EMOM-10
Odd Minutes – 10 Plate sit ups (press the plate toward ceiling while you do a sit up) (25/15)
Even Minutes – 10 Chest to bar pull ups (scale the # of pull ups, but aim to still do chest to bar, if you can’t fit in 10).

Score how many pull ups you did each round (i.e. if you stuck to 10 each time or had to scale the number down)

Conditioning – “That’ll do…”

4 rounds
60 seconds back squats @ bodyweight (squats should be at ~60% of your 1RM)
60 seconds max calorie row
rest 2 minutes between rounds

Score total squats + calories. Make a note of how many of each you got each round.