CrossFit Sudbury – 19012018 – “5 Spice Powda”

Hey Folks!

Great work today on that beauty of a partner WOD 🙂 Glad everyone had such a good time chipping away at it!  Nice for a little low pressure, high fun, grinder of a WOD.  Plus a little half work, half rest never hurt anybody!

Weightlifting Club!  Who’s interested?  We’ll be starting it up again soon – Let me (or whoever is coaching) know and we’ll put you “on the list” 😉

Coaches Notes:

Stay as active as possible on the OHS – This may not necessarily be very heavy. SLOW on the way down staying active will set you up well to explode upwards. Maintain that upright torso too! on the WOD – this should feel kind of like Cindy. Scale it accordingly 😉


Overhead Squat for load:
*Add weight each set

Conditioning – “5 Spice Powda”:

AMRAP 12 Minutes
2 muscle ups (sub 4 strict chin ups + 4 push ups)
20 air squats