CrossFit Sudbury – 17013018 – Twisting Tiger

Hey Folks!

Great work today! A different approach worked out well. Get you gassed in the wall balls, and then make you brace for the snatches. Lots of high quality and intensity pulling as well. It makes me very proud to see everyone so focused on quality – demanding more and better of themselves. It forces me to try to be better myself and work to try to be an example. “A rising tide lifts all boats” is the saying – and it totally applies to the gym lately. Thank you, to everyone.

BIG thank you to Kerry Lamarche for coming out and chatting with us about food prep, meal planning and providing some awesome strategies for improving how you eat, without having to spend all day in the kitchen.

Coaches notes:

Get as heavy as possible on that last set of Back Squats. ON the WOD – goal is to find your happy place AKA where you can keep moving. So breaking up the 15 toes to bar early is probably a good idea 🙂


Back squat 4-4-4-4-4
*add weight with each set

Conditioning – “Twisting Tiger”

5 rounds for time:
15 toes to bar
25’ handstand walk (sub 2 wall walks)
15 single-arm DB thrusters @35/25 (switch halfway)