CrossFit Sudbury – 07112017 – Self Titled

Hey Folks!

Good work on the push ups – some of them were a little dicey (almost universally), but that’s occasionally the price you pay when you’re doing 50 for time.  You guys fought it as long as you could though – Which is all we can ask for! (your best)

Keep up the great work in the gym – we’ve got some fun WODs planned for the week!

Coaches Notes:

Skill work & More Cleans (just when your traps were starting to feel ok).  Goal of the Power clean first is to reinforce that you’re finishing UP and BACK.  ALL the way up.  Same thing for the Full clean, but continue pulling as you dive under the bar.  Make sure you receive it well (don’t let it CRASH onto you).  On the handstand – Sara gave me a great Queue the other day – get hollow through your trunk and shoulders before you kick up – does help tremendously with setting you up into a good position.  The WOD is a little bit skill based – but is only 9 minutes long – so focus when you need to focus, and put your head down and do the work when you can.  Don’t forget to breathe.


Every Minute for 10 Minutes:
ODD Minutes – Power Clean + Clean @75%
EVEN Minutes – 20 second handstand hold

Conditioning – “Self Titled”

9 Minute AMRAP:
1 Muscle up (sub 2 chest to bar pull ups or 2 strict pull ups)
3 Dips (not including the one out of the muscle up)
5 Kettlebell Snatches (sub single arm KB swings) (50/35/25)
7 single arm overhead walking lunges (50/35/25)