CrossFit Sudbury – 02112017 – Fear the Walking Lunges

Hey Folks!

Lots of news to get you guys up to speed with!

Weightlifting Club:

  • Starting November 7th
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays at 8pm-9pm
  • Saturdays 10am-12noon
  • $87+hst (for the 6 week cycle)

Gymnastics Club:

  • Starting November 10th
  • Fridays 7pm-8pm
  • Sunday 12pm-1pm
  • $67+hst (for the 6 week cycle)

News for the Hopper Games!

  • We’ll be releasing the WODs on Friday night after we close so that we can plan ahead for them on the day of 🙂
  • We’d like people to arrive at 8:30am, so that we can pick teams and prep to have the first heat start at 9am.  We’re planning on 3 heats, so that one heat works out, while one warms up and the other judges.
  • Movements will be scalable so that we can all participate
  • We’re aiming to be done by 12:30pm – and we’ll head over to the Stack for wings and beer (wings provided by us, beer you can purchase on site)
  • The competition is for fun – but we’ll be providing some prizes 🙂

Let a coach know if you’d like to sign up for anything, or if you have any questions!

Coaches Notes:

Move with speed, but quality (full depth, full extension).  These will be tiring.  Shouldn’t be unreasonable though 😉  Then we have a nice little AMRAP to contrast the other WODs this week.  Slightly heavier Deadlifts, and some heavy slam balls to wind you.  Your legs are going to feel this one.

Strength work:

3 Sets:
1 minute Max DB Front Squats @heavy
1 Minute Plank
1 minute rest

Conditioning – “Fear the Walking Lunges”:

12 Minute AMRAP:
3 Deadlift (275/183)
20 Walking Lunge
7 Slam Ball (40+/30)