CrossFit Sudbury – 04102017 – Karen

Hey Folks!

Great work throwing the barbell around today!  Looks like lots of folks mixed it up with the other things they did (I think most or almost all ran last time we did this workout).  If you chose to do Burpees… you’re a special snowflake 😛

I’ve been getting some inquiries on the next weightlifting club cycle – so I’ll start organizing that and get you guys some details ASAP.

Kristin posted up some info about a fun little thing we’re doing – The Coaches Cafe – Where our coaches, clinicians, and allied professionals will come to do some short talks in the mornings and evenings about topics relevant to health/wellness/fitness.  Check out the whiteboard for some details, then come on out to soak in some knowledge, enjoy some coffee, and high five some friends 🙂

Coaches Notes:

Squats & Deadlifts!  Heavier than the last time we did them (Sept. 25).  These should be getting pretty high up in the percentages.  90+% or thereabouts.  The deadlifts, maybe not THAT high (since it’s sets of 7), but still heavier than before.  Probably 80+% by now.  Karen.  You just gotta keep moving.  It’ll be easy to get into your own head and convince yourself you need to rest.  Work hard to take a little less rest than you want to.  Work hard to complete that one extra rep.  If you can do 20 reps, you can probably do 21.  Well, do 21, and consider doing 22 😉  Quads will be sore on Thursday, but it’ll be worth it 🙂

Strength (Compare to September 25th):

Warm up to and then complete:
5 sets of 2 Back Squats @Heavier than last time
then drop down the weight and complete:
2 sets of 7 Deadlifts @Heavier than last time

Benchmark – “Karen”:

For Time:
150 Wall-ball (20/14)