CrossFit Sudbury – 03102017 – Enduro-Bear

Hey Folks!

Great work today on the lung burner – as well as some high-quality strength work.  Pumped to see you guys all squatting more and more weight, and even more so with the QUALITY of your squats, which is awesome.  AND the focus you guys have put on quality AKA virtuosity in your movements.  Doing the common, uncommonly well.  Keep it up!

Thanksgiving is coming up – We’ll be open all weekend, and will have our normal hours, except for monday, which will be 9am-12noon Open gym.  Get in and plan ahead for that carb fest that will be thanksgiving.

Freddy mentions the classic Bear, which is 7 sequences of the deadlift-hang power clean-front squat-push press-back squat-push press.  We’re just doing 5.

Coaches Notes:

Working on finishing big, meeting the bar and sticking the landing.  Big finish – jump up and back like you’re trying to do a high jump (almost) or jump up for a tip off in basketball.  Meet the bar – both in the clean and the jerk, you need to drop under the bar so that your elbows are through, or your arms are locked out overhead at the same time that the bar reaches its’ apex in height.  If you need the reminder, pause in the catch position.  It always helps to reveal any faults you may have in those positions.  On the WOD, you are allowed to squat clean thruster and then thruster off your back for the bear complex.  Keep a steady pace on the barbell and pace out the runs.


Every 45 seconds for 10 Rounds:
1 Power Clean & 1 Push Jerk @75%

Conditioning – “Enduro Bear”:

3 Rounds for time:
400m Run/500m Row/30 burpees
5x Bear Complex (Deadlift + hang power clean + Front Squat + Push Press + Back Squat + Push Press) @50% of your Clean & Jerk 1RM