CrossFit Sudbury – 18092017 – Das Boot

Hey Folks!

Killer weekend – awesome mental/physical/emotional test on Saturday, too.  We don’t do those very often, but when we do, we all leave the WOD a better person (hopefully, if you aren’t happy with your performance, you learned something about yourself, or how to approach different aspects of your training).

We’ve got an exciting week of training ahead of us – with a couple unplanned (but they just fit so well!) benchmarks, and the Team Series starts this week!  I’m planning on programming the Team Series WODs on the weekend/early week, but let your coach know if you need to fit them in at another time.

Coaches Notes:

7 Wall balls just to tire out the legs/lungs a bit before you dial in and focus on finishing BIG on the power clean, and trusting the legs on the jerk.  You should be left with ~30 seconds rest each round.  On the WOD – it’s meant to be done quickly, but don’t skin your shins on the box.  You’re also using a dumbbell in each hand.

Power on Fatigued Muscles:

Every Minute for 10 Minutes:
7 Wall Ball (20/14)
1 Power Clean & Jerk @~75%

Conditioning – Das Boot:

10 Minute AMRAP:
5 Burpee Box Jumps overs (24/20)
5 Dumbbell Hang Power Cleans (50/35)
5 Dumbbell Push Press (50/35)
Rest 30 seconds