CrossFit Sudbury – 01092017 – Crimson Berry

Hey Folks!

Friday is going down with some beauty Back Squats and desirable deadlifts.  And I thought we could also use a bit more running before the weather gets too cold.  And a whole bunch of shoulder to overhead lifts.  You’re going to love it.

Things to remember (aside from Mandy Moore):

Coaches Notes:

MOAR SQUATS!  These should be light and feel amazing for the first 5 reps, and challenging towards the end of each set, but form should be beautiful, so if you’re struggling, it’s too heavy.  Deads are meant to be HEAVY.  Still great form, but load them up.  On the conditioning, make sure you’re staying tight through the core while going from shoulder to overhead, which will be tough after running fairly fast.  Percentages are based off your Jerk.  Going unbroken should be a serious challenge.

Strength work:

Warm up to and complete:
2 sets of 10 Back Squats @Light-Moderate weight
then warm up to and complete:
4 sets of 2 Deadlifts @Heavy

Conditioning – “Crimson Berry”:

For time:
800m Run
15 Shoulder to Overhead @50%
400m Run
10 Shoulder to Overhead @60%
200m Run
5 Shoulder to Overhead @70%

* Bar comes off the ground for the shoulder to overheads.