CrossFit Sudbury – 23082017 – Choose your own Adventure & Tabata fun

Hey Folks!

Hope Annie went swimmingly for you.  I haven’t PR’d Annie for a bit (though i haven’t tried yet today!), but something as simple as a single trip can mess up your time once you’ve pared it down quite a bit.  There WERE some awesome PRs today though (Trista!) – so amazing work to all the people putting in the time to get better at their double unders, and building more core strength – it’s showing.

Coaches Notes:

Choose your own adventure – for time.  This is a good strategy one.  Leave the machines upstairs, please, that’ll have to be part of the strategy.  Break things up however you’d like, but get it done – we’ll be timing you.  I could suggest strategies, but I’d rather you guys “learn by doing” on this – also, it’s tough since we’re all at different points, so the approach would be very different for each person.  If you have trouble locking out your snatches, I’d probably save the push ups until after them, though!  Tabata Squats and good old slam balls.  A little bit of pacing here, but for the most part, if you go all out, it’ll feel awesome.

Choose your own Adventure!

Complete for time, partitioned as you’d like:
30 Power Snatches (135/95)
50 Push ups
1000m Row
30/25 Cal Bike

Tabata Air Squat & Slam Ball

Perform 8 Tabata Intervals (4 minutes) of:
Air Squats
and then, perform 8 Tabata intervals of:
Slam Balls (20/10)

Score is total reps