CrossFit Sudbury – 15082017 – Pain & Sadness

Hey Folks!

Hope you all loved the aggregate style FGB – It was definitely interesting.  Now I’m thinking I should program 6 rounds of 30 seconds per station (though that’d be tough on the row).

Mandie is planning out the next CrossFit Kids cycle.  If you have some kids that would be interested, or know someone who does, let them know so that their kids can be awesome too.

Coaches Notes:

The Front Squats are meant to be slow, and to challenge your positionining more than they are to be heavy.  Keep that in mind when you’re choosing your loading.  On the WOD – try to keep moving, and if possible do things unbroken (or as steady as possible).


Front Squats
5 sets of 5 @55%
* SLOW descent – count to 5 on your way down if you can. If you need to lighten the load that is totally OK.

Conditioning – “Pain & Sadness”:

7 Rounds For Time:

7 Thrusters (75/55)
7 Pull Ups
7 Burpees

Advanced: (115/75), C2B Pull Ups