CrossFit Sudbury – 28072017 – “Angel Dust”

Hey Folks!

Friday!  So “Tacky Glue” was a nice mental test.  holy smokes to Emily, Todd, Colin, Marc, et al  – you guys were really givin’ er eh?

The weekend is approaching and life is good.  Weightlifting Club is coming to a close for this cycle – we’re looking at a September start date for the next cycle.  I’m considering re-jigging the format a bit, but we will see – Obviously I want what we offer to be better than what we’re currently offering, so it isn’t, I won’t.  Boom, how’s that for vague?

Between reading a lot of books/research lately, as well as having lived some good situations over the last few years, I can concretely tell you all one thing.  There are no shortcuts or secrets.  No supplement, technique, or therapy will fix a lack of sleep.  No exercise, supplement, or super secret squirrel program will fix a bad diet.  No special warm up, supplement, technique, or other trick is going to magically make you stronger, more flexible or more skilled.  Or smarter.  You just have to put in the work.  Sometimes the work is going to bed earlier.  Sometimes it’s drinking more water.  Sometimes it’s pushing for that one extra rep (but not always, right Katie?).  Sometimes it’s scaling the workout back to increase your form and intensity.  Sometimes it’s spending the time (a LOT of time) working on your body to improve your flexibility.  Point is, is there isn’t a trick to it.  There isn’t some secret thing you aren’t doing.  Keep working hard.  Keeping seeking to improve the quality of the way you eat, move and think.  And in tiny, 1% increments (or maybe even less), you improve.  Imperceptible improvements, even.  But they are improvements.  So don’t give up.  Audit your life for those weaknesses, and work to improve them by 1%.  And when those crappy moments arise where you’re thinking about staying up to watch one more episode, or if you should get that ice cream or not – think to yourself – Is this going to make me 1% better?

Coaches Notes:

Working up to some heavy Presses and Deadlifts.  Don’t take all day to find your “maxes”.  But make sure you’re lifting heavy and maintaining perfect to near perfect form.  There’s no point in doing 10 more pounds if you blow your back out in the process.  On the Training for the day – It will likely be challenging, but doable.  Not the normal pedal to the metal pace, which should be nice.  Focus on movement quality, and challenge yourself as far as movements go.  If strict pull ups are too easy, but muscle ups aren’t there yet, do a couple chest to bar pull ups + some normal chin above bar pull ups.  The world is your oyster – shape it as you will.

Strength work:

On your own time:
3 sets of 8 Presses – find a “max” for today and use the same weight for all three sets.
5, 3, 2 Deadlifts – each a “max” (no failing, so not likely a TRUE 5, 3 and 2 rep max, but they should be heavy, and moving perfectly)

*Superset the movements. Pair up with a friend to share barbells.

Training – “Angel Dust”

Every 20 Seconds for 10 minutes:
Station 1: 1 Muscle up / 3-5 strict pull ups
Station 2: 6-8 Jumping Squats (scale up: Hold a DB or KB in the goblet position)
Station 3: 20 second plank