CrossFit Sudbury – 07072017 – “Helen”

Hey Folks!

Looks like the morning crew might be running a little faster on those 400’s (if the rain comes as predicted) – but we will see.  Worst case scenario, you can do rowing Helen (with 500’s).  This weekend some of us have BeachWOD, which should be a lot of fun – for those sticking around in Sudbury, Coaches will be here to help you out!

No Weightlifting club this coming Saturday (I’m away – sorry!  I’ll make it up to you guys – Programming is in Train Heroic if you’d still like to do it!)

Coaches Notes:

Strength work is brief enough, so make a point of being very deliberate with it.  If you need to break up the ring dips a bit that is OK.  We’re looking for good rep quality more than doing things exactly as written on the strength portion today.  Our WOD is Helen!  Yesssss.  It’s a bit of a fan favourite – have some fun with it.  Make sure you mark down your score as we’ll be repeating this one in the fall.  Kettlebell swings are overhead (American style).  Getting those sets in unbroken is a challenge but is possible.  If you’ve done those sets unbroken in the past, well, it’s time to run faster.  Sorry/Not Sorry 😛


3 Sets of 3 deadlifts @80%
*Superset with 3 sets of 8 Ring dips (strict or weighted)

Benchmark – “Helen”:

3 rounds for time:
400 meter run
21 American Kettlebell swings (50/35)
12 Pull-ups