CrossFit Sudbury – 27062017 – “Cheap Crack”

Hey Folks!

Awesome work on todays epic air squat WOD.  Little blast of intensity is always helpful for waking folks up for the week.  If you didn’t see the newest blog over on the Sudbury School of Fitness site, check it out.

Have fun with this one – there should be time leftover for the cash out, but if not, no worries 🙂

Coaches Notes:

High quality back squats.  Enjoy the slow descent and work to maintain an upright torso.  This’ll help in the long run with most movements.  The slow descent might make you slightly more sore, but it’ll also help condition your connective tissue.  Conditioning is named after an old CF slogan, “smoke you like cheap crack” (back in the CrossFit being hardcore being cool days).  On the WOD – attack those wall balls and get them over with so you can snap out as many slam balls as possible.  The 1 minute rest will help and prepare you for the next interval 🙂  Cash out is there for folks who would like to do it (you know you waaaaant to).


3 sets of 5 Back Squats (3-second descent on each rep) @65%

rest as needed between sets.

Conditioning/Speed work – “Cheap Crack”

5 Rounds:
in 1 minute:
10 wall balls (20/14)
AMRAP Slam Balls (20/10)
—Rest 1 minute after each round—
Score is total slam balls

Optional Cash Out:

6 Rounds:
15 Calorie row
15 Abmat sit ups