CrossFit Sudbury – 19062017 – How much ya wall ball?

Hi Friends!

Great weekend of epic training 🙂 some ok levels of rain (I really wish mother nature would quit screwing around and give us some real rain… and then some nice days, but I’ll take what I get).  Upside – dragonflies seem to be out in full force!  Sayonara mosquitoes!

Weightlifting club is going down Tuesday and Thursday at 8pm and Saturday at 12 noon!  Come practice your lifts – we’ll figure out a rate for ya, whether it’s a drop in, or something to accommodate those able to make it on certain days (weekends seem to be a crapshoot throughout the summer).

Coaches Notes:

We’re sneaking the strength into some conditioning pieces for the last little bit and for the next little bit to come.  We’ve got benchmarks scheduled for the year, so that we can gauge our performance based on them (make sure you’re keeping a journal/logging them!) and plan ahead to help prep for them.  They’ll also dovetail us nicely into the proper “season” with the Open.  And of course, we’re sneaking in as much strength and skill work as possible in the “off-season”.

On the skill work – treat each of these pieces as their own mini-WOD.  Go hard on the run, but focus on your technique – pull those heels up to your butt (you should be using your hamstrings to run, not your calves or hip flexors), get into a groove on the goblet squats and work on staying upright (it’s a leg exercise!), and then maintain a solid back on the pendlay rows – you’ll have a desire to just crank them all out, but I can almost guarantee if you do, the last 10 you’ll have a rounded, crappy back position.  Be mindful and set yourself up properly.

Full clean & jerk on how much ya wall ball?  Get set up well, and lead with your chest.  Stay back on the back 1/2 of your feet.  Then bust out some toes to bar and go for broke on the wall balls.

Quality Skill Work:

For time (though also for quality):
800m Run
50 Goblet Squats (50/35)
30 Pendlay Rows (95/65)

Focused Conditioning – How much ya wall ball?

EMOM-10 Minutes:
1 Clean & Jerk @70%
7 Toes to bar
AMRAP Wall balls in remaining time (20/14)