CrossFit Sudbury – 29052017 – Kale Chips

Hey Friends!

Amazing work to everyone this weekend!  I’m so proud of the awesome community we’ve built up and the level of competition as well as the amount of friendliness and helpfulness from you guys.  Lisa, Kristin and I (with the help of all our volunteers – thank goodness) are super stoked with how well things went, how easy it was to call some audibles (like starting some WODs early).  Rick mentioned we should have our hands on pics fairly quickly (which I promise I’ll upload ASAP, unlike the Open ones, which I’m still working on uploading!) – which I’m excited to see.

This week we have Murph scheduled for Wednesday.  For folks with hands that took a beating this weekend.  I’m going to plan another long grinder you can sub in, if you’d like 🙂

Coaches Notes:

Avoiding too much grip/hand work as it looked like a lot of competitors tore their hands this weekend.  Work on a nice tight hollow rock, not necessarily a BIG rock, as sometimes going too large on the rock makes it easier to rest at the top (almost a seated position).  Stay active on the hand stand holds.  If thye’re too easy, work in some shoulder taps.  WOD is going to be a bit of a lung burner as well as a shoulder burner.  Make a point of dropping under the med ball, otherwise you’re going to end up doing 75 Med ball bicep curls, which isn’t ideal.

Skill/Stability work:

Every Minute for 10 MInutes:
ODD Minutes – 10 hollow rocks
EVEN Minutes – 30 second handstand hold

Metcon – Kale Chips:

5 Rounds for time:
30 Double Unders (sub 60 singles with 5-10 double under attempts each round)
15 Med Ball cleans (20/14)
5 Handstand Push ups (strict, ideally)