CrossFit Sudbury – 24052017 – CrossFit Total

Hey Friends!

Hope you guys had a good time yesterday doing some running and some flexion and extension practice.  We’ve got just a few days left before the battle!  If you feel comfortable maxing out (which if you’ve been training with us for the last ~6-8 weeks, you should), get after it!  The nice part about intensity with the barbell is that it’s easy to recover from (versus if we were doing say, a 20 rep max).  So don’t worry, it won’t mess up your BBTB performance.

Thursday we’ve got Evasion programmed, so you’ll get some good cardio/endurance work in too, which also won’t wreck you for the weekend.  If anything you’ll want to go light on Friday, or just do some practice stuff and mobility stuff.

No metcon as CF Total will likely take the full hour, with warm up and everything.

Coaches Notes:

CrossFit Total today!  We’ve been working on Back Squats lots, peppering in deadlifts and Presses, though we’ve also been sneakily working in HSPU’s, KB swings, etc.  Depending on when you last maxed out these lifts, set your goals accordingly.  Make sure you get some good warm up sets in and mobilize in a way that sets you up for some strong positions (think controlled goblet squats versus lots of static stretching).  The Squats should warm you up for the deadlifts, so you may not need as much of a warm up for them.  LOG YOUR SCORES or at least write them down somewhere.  We’ll be redo-ing this in 6 months.

CrossFit Total:

You get three attempts to successfully lift the heaviest load for each movement.
Record your heaviest set for each movement and add the total to the leaderboard.

Back Squat

Press (strict)