CrossFit Sudbury – 09052017 – Fran!

Hey Friends!

Great work on todays multiple mini WODs (though if those are mini, I’m not sure I want to do a “big” WOD haha).  Good times working in that “sprint” zone, and get that flavour of pennies in your throat.

Today is going to be no different – it’s going to be a frantastic day.  If you’ve got a ~3 minute Fran, maybe consider scaling one of the movements up, or doing heavy Fran.  Have fun with it!

Coaches Notes:

Getting into those heavier Back Squats.  Two weeks from now we’re maxing out (CrossFit Total – May 24th), so between this weeks squats and next weeks squats, get some quality reps in but challenge yourself.  Fran – a nice combo of thrusters and pull ups.  Plan to break up the thrusters or pull ups ahead of time if you know they might dig too deep a hole for you to get out of.  Setting a pace/plan and sticking to it can sometimes work out better than just going balls out and dying 1 minute in.


2 sets of 5:
Back Squats @80%

*Base your weight off what you used for the set of 4 last week, and how well it went. Rest adequately (2-3 minutes).

Metcon – Fran:

For Time:
21-15-9 reps
Thruster 95/65#