CrossFit Sudbury – 11042017 – Peach Cobbler

Hey Friends!

Wall ball city!  It was like Fran, but a little more lung a little less muscular fatigue and way less stigma.  We’ve got some other great WODs coming up this week.  Weightlifting club is halfway through its current cycle, and the core stability and pull up progression program has begun!  SO much awesomeness under one roof, and there is more to come.

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it on here before, but if you haven’t seen, “The Fountain”, you need to.  Such a great movie.  I’m not even sure I can say what it’s about, but it has some awesome themes, lessons, whatever else you want to call it.  For me, it’s a reminder to do work that matters, and to do it TODAY.  To live passionately, caring about achieving your potential, but to remember to enjoy the journey along the way.  Anyway, I’ll stop being “deep” and let you guys enjoy it (or not) whenever you want.  I think rainy days just make me want to watch movies and be more introspective.

Coaches Notes:

Snatch consistency work!  Also – building in a little comfort in the bottom of the lift AKA the least comfy spot.  If you can catch a lift and hang out in the bottom, then you know you’ve got the lift.  Rushing out of the bottom is one of many strategies used to compensate for a lack of mobility and stability in the bottom of the Snatch (and jerk).  So we’re going to help you out with it.  Use 65% as a guideline.  WOD is an engine/stamina based WOD.  The movements are varied enough that you shouldn’t need to stop moving (maybe to break up the push ups or ring rows) and if you do, not for very long.  Your ability to move without running out of breath is going to be the limiting factor (for the most part).  Have fun with it – work hard too.


Every 30 seconds for 7 Minutes:
1 Snatch w/ a pause in the receiving position @65%

Metcon – Peach Cobbler:

3 Rounds for time:
10 Push-ups
15 Ring Rows
20 Lunge
25 Kettlebell Swings (American – 50/35)