CrossFit Sudbury – 22112016 – Death by Bi’s & Tri’s

Hey Friends!

Hope you had fun doing 100 of some things.  Andrea brought to my attention that I’ve programmed 100 a couple times now… there may be more in the future 😉

Keep up the great work – we’re building toward the end of the month when we’ll test a few lifts and hopefully refresh some numbers.  That way the % stuff will be a bit more accurate.

Video is kind of a “podcast” more than it is a video, but it’s got some good info about training and children.


Every 30 seconds for 8 Minutes:
1 Power Clean + 1 Front Squat @65% of your C&J 1RM

Metcon – “Death by Bi’s & Tri’s”

Alternating “death by” for total reps:
Minute 1: 1 Chin up
Minute 2: 2 Push ups (clapping, if possible)
Minute 3: 3 Chin ups
Minute 4: 4 Push ups (clapping, if possible)
…etc. until you can’t complete the required reps in the minute.