CrossFit Sudbury – 28092016 – “Tell your legs I’m sorry”

Hi Friends!

Looks like I planned that WOD out pretty good – about 30-45 thrusters toward the top end there, and some folks just got some great double under practice!  Awesomeness.

A new Survivor started last week… In case you’re one of the other 6 people still watching 😉

Be careful on the last set of Back Squats… the legs might be a little cooked by the time you get to them!


Each for time:
200m sled push (95/65/whatever is appropriate)
rest “as needed”
400m Sandbag run (60/30/Medball)

Metcon – “Tell your legs I’m sorry”

For time:
7 Back Squats @60%
21 Overhead Walking Lunges (55/35)
35 Box Jump overs (24/20/14)
21 Overhead Walking Lunges (55/35)
7 Back Squats @60%