CrossFit Sudbury – 23092016 – Death by Push ups & Air Squats

Hey Friends!

It’s Friday!  Great week of training in the books.  Good luck to our awesome teams headed down to Elements Team Challenge!  Make sure to post to the group how things are going, we’ll keep our eyes open for some PR’s and you guys dominating all those puny southern teams 😉


Every Minute for 10 Minutes:
8 Bench Press @60%
10 Hollow rocks

Metcon – Death by Push ups & Air Squats:

Death By:
Push ups (by 2’s)
then, Air Squats (by 5’s)

Every minute the push ups increase by 2 until you can’t complete the prescribed number of push ups in that minute, then you transition immediately into 5 squats, and increase by 5 each minute until you can’t complete the number of prescribed squats in that minute, then you win! Score is total reps