CrossFit Sudbury – 15092016 – “Heavy Lil Helen”

Hey Friends!

Great work on todays beatdown.  It’s good Open training, I swear!  How badly did you want to do MORE burpees after the second set of push presses?  Probably not very bad, but that’s exactly the kind of push that you need to get a great score in the Open WODs when February comes along.  Same goes for setting a solid pace on the Squat Cleans and continuing to chip away at them.

For the step ups on Thursday – make sure you’re doing them properly/with good quality reps – they’re far more beneficial going lighter and doing them well than heavier and cheating.  Try to push the pace on heavy Lil Helen and avoid treating the runs as “rest”.


Every 2 Minutes for 10 Minutes:
2 Deadlifts @70%
8 Step ups (with dumbbells or kettlebells, or plates, whatever works for you)

Metcon – “Heavy Lil Helen”:

6 Rounds for time:
200m Run
12 Kettlebell Swings (70/50/35)
6 Chest to Bar Pull ups