CrossFit Sudbury – 31082016 – “It was us that wanted a caravan”

Hey Friends,

So you guys got a couple Toes to bar in eh?  Hopefully you’re being mindful with any tears (or avoiding tears) you might get on your hands.  For anyone interested, we still have a couple RIPT kits available.  It’s a pumice stone type thing and then 2 “chapsticks” – one for if you do happen to tear, to help with speedy healing, and the other as a bit of a daily moisturizer/conditioner (like the Burt’s Bees hand salve).  It’s good stuff, and I try to make a point of using the stone every time I shower, and have suffered few tears since putting it into practice.


5 rounds for quality/speed:
3 deadlifts at 65% (MAKE THEM PERFECT)
walk back to your bar and catch your breath

Metcon – “It was us that wanted a caravan”:

In a total of 9 Minutes, with a partner:
Partner 1 – Tabata Row (for calories)
Partner 2 – AMRAP Handstand Push ups
1 Minute rest, and then the partners switch places.

Score is total calories + number of HSPU (keep track individually AND as a team total – Log individual score)