CrossFit Sudbury – 29082016 – “Retrogressive”

Hey Friends!

Great weekend – it was a busy one but it was good.  It’s funny how sometimes you feel like you need a weekend from your weekend.  I suppose that was the sign of a fun one?

Anyone hit up the garlic festival?  I didn’t make ti this year, but so remember garlic ice cream and other awesome stuff being there.  Always cool to see so many people in Sudbury going out of their way to attend the festivals.  In order for there to be “stuff to do in Sudbury” you kinda gotta go out and do the stuff 😉


Every Minute for 10 Minutes:
3 Weighted/strict Chin ups (weighted if you can, strict/banded if you can)
6 planked weight moves (out and back with a plate/tiny kettlebell/dumbbell)

Metcon – “Retrogressive”:

For time:
50/40 Calorie Airdyne
–Rest 1 Minute–
30 Jerks @55%
30 Front Squats
30 Power Cleans