CrossFit Sudbury – 25082016 – Mean Little Karen

Hey Friends!

Great work today – good team work on the WOD as far as sharing the rowers or planning it out with subbed in Airdynes, runs, etc.  Makes the coaches jobs a little easier 🙂

For todays stuff – try be explosive on your up out of the burpee.  Just pick a pull up bar on the rig to touch when you jump, you don’t have to be super precise about it, but it’ll force a legit jump on the burpees.

The WOD is a little mean.  Sorry/notsorry.  I will likely be doing it too, so if you’re lucky to be in the gym at the same time you can delight in my suffering.  legs are going to be cooked.  Have fun with it and dig in to get those extra wall balls… no one wants to have to do more walking lunges with only 1 wall ball left.


Every Minute for 10 Minutes (go follow the leader style with a partner or two if we’re low on benches):
5 Bench press @50%
5 Burpees to a target 6″ above your reach

Metcon – “Mean Little Karen”:

For time:
100 Wall Ball (20/14/10)
* Every Minute, perform 10 overhead walking lunges with your wall ball – excluding the first, full minute