CrossFit Sudbury – 26052016

Hey Friends!

Awesome workout today!  It was a bit of a muscular/mental test to gut out those 4 jerks, or to drop and re-clean the bar to do them.  Good times though and glad Gavin was cool enough to let me get it done while he chilled in the gym/clinic 🙂

We’re hitting those squats again!  A little bit of a hybrid between volume and intensity on the squats, but it should be perfect to help us get a little stronger AND a little leaner.   Then a “max” 5 rep deadlift.  The squats will have already warmed you up for the deadlifts, so other than some positional practice, you should be able to drop your last squat onto the ground and use more or less that weight for your first set of deadlifts.

For the WOD, try to set up lengthwise in the gym with your “lane”.  Box on one side, slam ball on the other.  If we’re low on boxes/slam balls, pair up with a friend who will use the same equipment as you and start on opposite ends.  There will be a little incentive not to let your partner “pass” you!

Interesting Article – Though it’s still interesting to me that we can accept that sanitation, hygiene and nutrition could help reduce tuberculosis and cholera, but then not realize that instead of trying to build policies about how to use medications and which ones to use, or how to “more quickly diagnose”, that maybe we just need less sick people?  That working to make people healthier might help improve their resistance to illness?  Even speaking with you all (members of the gym), is there nothing you could do to make yourself healthier?  You’re already training well, and part of at least 1 community outside the home (our gym being that community), and you’re likely aware of how you eat.  But, if you were to be diagnosed with some sort of illness tomorrow, would you not then look into how you can move forward with being even healthier?  Looking to “diagnose faster” is like planning to roll into a gas station right after you run out of gas, instead of just filling up at a quarter tank.

I’m going to make an effort to post interesting stuff every so often, let me know if you like it, or if you’re just annoyed, tired of scrolling and want to read the WOD already 😉