CrossFit Sudbury – 18052016

Hey Friends!

Good times broad jumping all over the place.  There will likely be some sore tibialis anterior muscles tomorrow (AKA shin splints).  This happens from the landing of the broad jump where your heel hits, and your dorsiflexion muscles try to slow down the “slap!” your foot does on the ground.  You can stretch this muscle out by getting into the position as though you are “dragging” your toe behind you.  You’ll feel it if you’re dong it right.  You can also massage the muscle (biggest piece of meat in the front of your lower leg) away from your shin bone (big, hard bone on the front of your lower leg).  Once again, you’ll know when you’re on the right one because it’ll be tender haha.

We’re in for some awesome WODs for the rest of the week.  nice little partner WOD on Wednesday, Filthy 50 on Thursday, and some double touches and OHsquats on Friday.  SO sexy.

Find your rhythm on the Bear Complex’s and push the pace.  You’ll have equal work/rest ratios as it’s a partner WOD.  Pair up with someone who can share a barbell with you, if possible.  It’s more fun that way.