CrossFit Sudbury – 13052016

Hey Friends!

Great work today on the Squats – hopefully they weren’t too much of a grind for you guys.  The back off on weight and volume we used today should help with some gains before Mondays test next week.  If you don’t get a chance to test it out on Monday, or you’re feeling like poop, postpone a day or two and do your max out another day.  Also, if you don’t feel like maxing out, don’t feel obliged, there’s nothing wrong with working up to a heavy single and hitting a few singles there and calling it a day with your confidence right where it should be 🙂  Whatever makes you most happy and healthy.


  • Yoga is filling up!  Let your coach know if you’re interested in coming Tuesday night next week at 8pm.
  • Sunday weekend hours 9am-12noon beginning on JUNE 5th (not this weekend).
  • Coach Led warm ups!  Beginning on Monday of next week – You’ll still be expected to do the “Pre-Warm up”
    • 500m row/run/skip/airdyne, leg swings, arm circles, dislocates, and you might have time to do one more thing specific to you.  Then the coach on duty will run you through a nice warm up / movement prep for the day.