CrossFit Sudbury – 11052016

Hey Friends!

Killer WOD!  The planks in the last round were significantly more difficult than the planks in the first haha.

Today we’re looking at some heavy jerks – make sure you’re staying TIGHT, weight BACK in your heels with the bar resting on your shoulders (NOT in your hands).  The weight will feel heavy, but if you trust in your technique, and do things right, the rep will be good.

On the WOD, make sure your kettlebell swings are aggressive and not too high.  You only need to get the kettlebell to eye/shoulder height.  No saggy push ups!  Chest and thighs should rise together and your chest should DEFINITELY be touching the ground (especially since you’re releasing your hands)


  • Yin/Restorative Yoga begins tomorrow for Wednesday nights – which are SOLD OUT.  If there’s enough interest in a Tuesday night, Lisa will run one starting next week and running for 6 weeks.  Let your coach know or right your name on the whiteboard – we already have a bunch of people but we need more!
  • Coach-Led warm ups starting next week!  We’ll be replacing the typical list of items with instructions from the coach running the class.  Be on time!
  • Extended weekend hours – beginning June 5th, Sundays will get an extra hour, and will now open from 9am-12noon.